The Data

A big part of my art practice is looking at the idea of networks and interconnections. Not only the media and technological networks we're a part of, but the whole apparatus of the universe on the larger and smaller scale. So many things all working together in unison, that we only see a tiny part of at any one time.

And we're all looking at slightly (or vastly) different pictures !

In Buddhist epistemology, we're composed of many parts, many things linking together that they call skandkas, which roughly translates to 'heaps'. On the level of form, we're composed of so many things. Cells, blood, oxygen, thoughts. And on the 'outer' level of form, we have planets, ecologies, cities...

And all those things supporting us arose from all the hundreds of millions of years of biological processes on the planet, and that from the start of Creation itself, which in biblical terms is referenced by the story of God speaking the world's existence into, well, into existence.

The point is, it's a pretty complicated world.